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  • Ursprüngliches Erscheinungsdatum : 31. August 2012
  • Erscheinungstermin: 31. August 2012
  • Label: Out of Line Music
  • Copyright: 2012 Out Of Line Music
  • Dauer: 3:08 Minuten


It's the angst of things to come
You're immaculate and young
You wash your hands in innocence
And keep it to the bitter end

But under your skin you're dying in sin

With untainted memoirs
The blandest au revoir

Good + Evil = Par
Every pleasure leaves a scar
Every fire leaves a burn
Every touch can leave a mark

And the hours turn to days
Time is spinning in delays

No heart no pain
No scars no shame
No love no fear
The end is near


LORD OF THE LOST - Do You Wanna Die Without a Scar